My name is Ana Ledezma, and I am a Broker Outreach Specialist for beWellnm at the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce. As an Outreach Specialist, I have gained a broad range of skills and expertise, which has allowed me to build solid relationships within our community and the Hispanic community. My experiences have enabled me to keep learning, so I can provide the most accurate and up-to-date resources to our community and our small local business owners. Being the daughter of a Hispanic business owner, I have witnessed firsthand the hardships that my mother has faced (as a Hispanic/Female Business Owner) and the lack of resources that were available to her and in Spanish. This personal experience has become my number one motivator in my career, not only do I wish to continue to learn, but I also want to share with our community, the resources and support they need, emphasizing the importance of translating the resources and educational materials to those who need it. Being the mom of a blended family with 6 kiddos, I must think about being a great example for my children and show them the importance of hard work and dedication, but most importantly being passionate for what you do, as it makes the hard work seem easy-breezy!